Aldamegh Portable House Factory


Aldamegh is Saudi national establishment, founded in Dammam City since 1980, specializes in Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Prefab Buildings. From early years, Aldamegh strives to lead the way of prefab building manufacturers, and has been involved in many projects in Saudi Arabia and gulf countries. Today, Aldamegh owns one of the largest Prefab buildings manufacturing facility that located in Dammam city, has wide area, for prefabrication and workshops, with a very huge Investment value making it one of the most valuable companies in Prefab manufacturing & Modular Building sector.

That's precisely what Aldamegh has been doing for the past more than 40 years. Today, we operate in different countries with highly trained & experienced employees in Saudi Arabia. Since the company was founded as a pioneering manufacturer of prefabricated buildings, we have continued to innovate and develops our manufacturing techniques have been updated to match the latest global construction technology that meet the challenges of efficient, sustainable, high-quality construction.

Production Capacity:

  • 200,000 SQM of Prefabricated Building Production - Annually.
  • 100,000 SQM of Residential Villa Building with modern techniques - Annually.
  • 1,200 containerized units - Annually.
  • 7,500 Tons production of structural Steel Buildings - Annually.


Aldamegh’s Criteria of Success:

  • Timely, in budget project completion.
  • Providing highest quality construction services.
  • Highest standards in Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Aldamegh considers it’s personnel as it’s most valued asset which brings success to the company.
  • keeping pace with developments in modern construction and modern technologies.