Aldamegh Portable House Factory

Sewage & Water Tanks

Sewage & Water Tanks

Al-Damegh Company provides the service of supplying and installing water and sewage tanks and reservoir filling and emptying services for the drainage tanks for sites that do not have a sewage network

All accommodation and ablution units at Al Damegh Company are designed to connect to either the main sewage networks or the septic tanks. You can also provide all the water and sewage tanks that you need for your site. We can also arrange professional emptying service, which is conducted by licensed waste carrier, so there will be no inconvenience or interruption in the smooth operation of your site.

When you rent septic tanks, you will get:

Steel tanks and high-capacity fibers starting from 1000 liters, easy to maintain and transport

Tanks can be connected to each other to increase capacity up to 5000 liters

A full set of septic tanks are available to meet all your requirements when work begins on your site.