Aldamegh Portable House Factory

Single / Multiple floors Building

Our company offers an exclusive and wide range of administrative offices using the highest modern construction techniques using LGS  light gauge steel. This is much easier to install and we consider several factors, for example during the design and implementation phase, such as natural daylight, and proper ventilation of fresh air. Moreover, these offices are built with insulated structure therefore more suitable for adverse climatic conditions.

  • Flexibility to choose different options on the cladding interface based on site conditions and requirements.
  • Flexibility to erection and reinstall.
  • Custom build and pre-built made of lightweight steel structures.
  • Walls of various heights, but are durable and strong construction.
  • Smoke detectors, firefighting equipment and air conditioners can be easily installed for safety and better facilities.
  • Prefabricated site offices are isolated, resulting in higher energy savings and more comfort in adverse conditions due to insulation.
  • The construction is fast and easy to install.
  • All construction work resistant to weathering.
  • Providing building solutions for traditional and multi-storey buildings.
  • Large view glasses are possible to fix with the Insulated panel doors without any extra support.



Modular Office Buildings