Aldamegh Portable House Factory

Accommodation Unit

Each organization has the ultimate responsibility to provide better accommodation and comfort for hes worker who work in its workplaces there is single units or residential dormitory type , therefore it is important to take care of workers by providing these buildings and prefabricated accommodation site from the Al-Damegh Company. Al-Damegh makes ready-made workers' housing using LGS technologies that provide a better and happier life for their workers and workers on the job site.

Al-Damegh is a pioneer in the manufacture and supply of residential units for prefabricated buildings by providing a customized solution for their customers, according to their requirements and the availability of land. We participate the design and assistance to achieving the maximum benefit for the customer according to the financial capabilities and within the scope of international specifications, and we strive to do so to provide readiness to move in the accommodation, including electrical, mechanical, fire fighting system and other complete facilities installations.

Additional features of residential housing units

Adequate insulation -Adequate insulation - provides a happier, better life for workers who work on the job site in the ideal atmosphere.

Earthquake and fire resistance- prominent termites and design suitable for prefabricated accommodation, earthquake and disaster resistance.

Customizable - 100% customized solutions make these prefab units available in different sizes and designs depending on customers' needs and save space.

An economical - economic and cost - effective solution.

Multiple floors - the damning offers the single floor and multi-storey residential units in the event of a lack of land.

Durability - longer service life and guaranteed weather protection.

Delivery - fast design and installation.