Aldamegh Portable House Factory

Single / Multi Storey Villa

Single / Multi Storey Villa

Product Description:

Deep steel structural prefab villa is based on light gauge steel frame system with high performance finishing materials

LGS residential system uses high-strength cold-formed thin-walled section steels to form wall load-bearing system, suitable for low-storey or multi-storey residences and commercial villas, its wallboards and floors adopt new light weight and high strength building materials with good thermal insulation and fireproof performance, and all building fittings are standardized and normalized. Cold-formed thin-walled section steels adopted in structure load-bearing system of the house system have small sectional dimensions and light self-weight, which not only increases usable floor area, but greatly reduces foundation building cost. All building materials adopted in the LGS residential system are environment-friendly products, in which the health of residents is fully considered, in addition, recycling of natural resources is considered in the recyclable structural system.

  • Satety: Earthquake resistant, wind resistant, long life span.
  • Heat insulation, sound insulation,
  • Energy conservation.
  • Environmental friendly. 70% structure materials could be recycled.
  • Easy assembling and fast building.
  • Flexible design.
  • Long life span.