Aldamegh Portable House Factory

Modified Containers

Modified Containers

When you need something more secure let AL-DAMEGH upply you with one of a selection of all steel manufactured storage units. It is available to incorporate specialist locking systems to help reduce the risk of unauthorized entry.

Storage Containers

Quickly expand your business’ storage for inventory, tools, files and more with modified storage containers. including providing Floor plans & options Adding shelves, ventilation, and doors.


Mobile Offices and Conference Rooms

Skip the construction crew. Shipping container offices and locker rooms arrive at your site with plug-and-play power, plumbing and interior finishes. Standard floor plans are designed with materials that can withstand frequent relocation. Take your operations wherever they need to be, hassle-free!


Bathrooms & Locker Rooms

Make your employees feel appreciated with clean, air-conditioned locker rooms and bathrooms. Shipping container locker rooms and bathrooms in remote job sites are always a welcome improvement over porta-potties.


Living Space

Shipping container living quarters can go where trailers fall apart. Inside the durable corten exterior is a comfortable, climate controlled space where employees can rest, relax and prepare a hot meal.


Industrial Equipment Shelters

Containerized equipment shelters and enclosures save your business time in the field. Test sensitive equipment inside the container while it’s still in your facility, then deploy it confidently as a single modular unit.


Freezer And Refrigeration Containers

Al-Damegh also offers containers modified to be freezing and cooling units, which are characterized by strength, hardness and resistance to natural factors to climate and stability changes of its iron structure as a basis also freedom of movement for the units.


Multi Story-Containers

A multi-container structure can do it all. If you require a larger, multi-purpose structure, this is a perfect choice. Individual units stack and combine quickly and easily. Future expansion and mobility are always a possibility.